Epic Film List

This text will contain spoilers from the eight season of Game of Thrones

It is once again Monday and like many others, I woke to a sense of dread and disappointment. Winter is not here. The long night lasted roughly two hours. Now we are left with a watered out, dumbed down, rushed and altogether boring plot of who will eventually sit on the Iron Throne.

Because that what we wanted after seven seasons. More politics. That’s the reward for staying with this stupid show, this is the result of the promise that always lingered in the horizon: Winter is coming.

It never came.

As of such, I am disappointed. I am not satisfied. This saga never resolved, and it never will. That is a painful fact. However, rather than to give up, I decided to find my conclusion elsewhere. Game of Thrones is not the only epic saga out there, and it is most certainly not the best one. Being in love with storytelling and great filmmaking, it didn’t take long before I had gathered several more satisfying options to Game of Thrones.

That’s right, I have compiled a list of alternatives to Game of Thrones, all for your enjoyment. Feel free to check these out, and please come with your best suggestions as well. Let’s begin:

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